Currently I am an Outsource Manager at Deep Silver Volition working on a new, soon-to-be-announced title.


The fourteen+ years I have spent making games, shipping 20 titles in a variety of roles has strengthened my understanding of both the internal and external development process from concept to final. I have strong belief in the the importance of the people behind the game, building and developing teams is a core value that I hold tightly to. I take pride in using my experience as an artist, manager and director to help further the creative/visual direction of our games by emphasizing the full player experience while looking to build strong cross discipline/team/studio partnerships. I am not one to shy away from taking on any opportunity that making games throws the team's way. Whether I am working with a team from a high level, directing the process or grabbing a mouse and making cool stuff, I have worked in all aspects of making games and I am still excited by all of it.



Although Volition is located in Illinois, I've been working offsite for the last 3 years when I was lucky enough to move back to my hometown of Columbus, OH. While working offsite I have maintained close relationships with my teammates at the studio while growing one monster beard.


I consider myself a pretty laid back, regular guy. I enjoy games and binge watching the movies/shows that most people do. I do stay active and I like to throw heavy things around the gym as it helps me keep up with my son who is involved in Martial Arts and all kinds of sports and activities. My awesome wife is also in the games industry and is the real talent in the family.


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