Roles & Responsibilities

Art Outsource Manager

Outsource Area Owner


As Outsource Area Owner:

  • Led the formation of a Centralized Outsourcing Group within the studio including staffing, best practices, core philosophies and presentation to the studio.

  • Vetted external studios through 2D and 3D art and workflow testing.

  • Made recommendations to internal studio for overall and discipline specific studios to team with.


As Outsource Manager:

  • Continued vetting of potential partners for future work.

  • Establish strong relationships with external groups during planning, staffing and project vision discussions.

  • Ramp up and help train production staff through document creation and onsite hands on meetings.

  • Maintain asset creation schedule, provide feedback and guidance on quality and ensure technical requirements.

  • Work alongside partners to maintain staffing and high level long term goals.


Current Project: Unannounced New Title


Roles & Responsibilities

Senior Art Rep - New IP Discovery Team

Area Art Director - Saints Row IV

Outsource Art Director - Saints Row: The Third

Area Art Director - Saints Row: The Third


As an Area AD:

  • Filled dual role of internal Art Director for the Environment Team while also serving as an Outsource Manager for multiple asset types with external studios.


On New IP Discovery Team:

  • As the only full time art rep on the small team, day to day included idea/style/tone R&D and presentation, rapid prototyping (in-engine and paper design), video concept creation and external direction for contracted concept support.


Titles Shipped

Saints Row: The Third

Saints Row IV


Roles & Responsibilities

Lead Project Manager - Central Core Technology Group

Lead Project Manager - Unannounced Title (postponed)

Project Manager - Red Faction: Guerrilla


On the Central Tech Group:

  • Managed a centralized team of senior programmers and artists within the studio that provided proprietary engine and artist tool development to multiple game dev teams within the studio.


As part of the game teams:

  • Managed artists, tech artists and programmers as part of area focused sub-teams during full cycle production.


Titles Shipped

Red Faction: Guerrilla

Red Faction: Armageddon

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Role & Responsibilities

  • Responsible for the daily organization of a large centralized environment team that shipped multiple titles on multiple platforms per year.

  • Mentoring and career development of senior and junior team members.

  • Developed the creation and delivery schedule of game assets

  • Worked alongside art direction to maintain quality within game teams and external outsource partners.


Titles Shipped

Madden NFL 07


Madden NFL 08

NFL Tour

Madden NFL 09

NCAA Football 09

NFL Head Coach 09


Role & Responsibilities

  • Lead Environment Artist for the Madden NFL and NCAA Football game titles.

  • Lead Environment asset workflow and pipeline transition to new consoles.

  • Oversaw team of environment artists in daily organization and planning

  • Created game assets for multiple platforms.


Titles Shipped

Madden NFL 2004

NCAA Football 2004

Madden NFL 2005

NCAA Football 2005

Madden NFL 06

NCAA Football 07



Role & Responsibilities

  • Environment Artist for the Madden NFL and NCAA game titles

  • Created game assets for multiple platforms.


Titles Shipped

Madden NFL 2003

NCAA Football 2003

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